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The Textile of Life

With every choice we make,  we weave our fabric of life. Our decisions,  our feelings, our values, our connections are forever woven into our personal histories,  and thus our victories  form the most graceful of patterns. Our task is  to become a thread that will braid the best in your life. в .

At Parpa  our ambition is the thread that weaves the best of you  with your bedroom with uncanny luxury. From the cotton’s origins in Egypt to its design  in  London, and final production in Lombardy and  Tuscany, with its essence of Byzantine tradition and modern  aesthetic, we are confident that with your trust, we will reflect your expectations to the highest level.

At Parpa we are dedicated  to achieving the highest possible  result for our clients because the pursuit  of pleasure is also the sustainability  of the legacy of future generations. 

Parpa: The Textile of Life 

sand and water

We use premium cotton from Egypt

Each Parpa yarn is unique  and leads to its own unique touch  of tactility. The special feeling of touching the fabric is possible  because premium Egyptian cotton  is used in all Parpa products.


A special microclimate has formed along the  Nile, which allows cotton with very long  and thin fibers to grow in i ts natural environment.


Parpa uses the highest quality long-staple cotton  lines: Giza-86, Giza-90, and Giza-95 for the main  lines, as well as one of the  “rarest and most exclusive”  varieties Giza-45 for the premium  model “Giza”.

Quality long staple
Egyptian cotton material.

Each Parpa thread  is characterized by its unparalleled  tactile sensation, with its soft,  silky, and seamless texture.
Retains properties for a long time. With careful care, our hypoallergenic and eco-friendly products  will be a worthy etalon of comfort and elegance for many years to come.
Eco-friendly  and hypoallergenic Certified by the EU STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®,  the cotton breathes  and provides comfort for  individuals with sensitive  skin and allows for  a comfortable night’s rest. 

Without a doubt, you too will experience the difference connecting with pure natural harmony every second of your sleep.


We produce in Lombardy and Tuscany.

The Northern region of Italy,  among the wealthiest regions in the world,  is acknowledged for its people who know  luxury and thus have an increased  interest in a quality lifestyle.  These demands of quality have given birth to the local hand-craft culture. 

It is known that local artisans  cannot be replaced by  automated systems or regions  of mass production, and it is these artisans whose generations of work from the soul have given the world an etalon of "luxury". For centuries they have honed their ability to create masterpieces and surprised even the most discerning people  with their qualities. Parpa products are sewn by craftsmen, whose legacies have been  passed on for 6 generations.

Factories in Lombardy   and Tuscany combine the modern,  utilitarian world with traditional luxury,  directing craftsmanship to the value  of your experience. For these reasons,  many ideal Parpa sets are available. 

Each product undergoes quality control that meets the requirements as that  of the first king of Italy - Victor Emmanuel II. 

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Designing in London

London, with its ability  to set new trends in images  and concepts, is constantly bringing the horizon closer. 

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We have looked  carefully for inspiration  in the most significant visual  images in history. Nevertheless,  we have arrived at the conclusion  of implementing a higher level  of abstraction;  one in which the balance  of aesthetics is achieved by the  balance of organic and inorganic design.

This harmonic balance of art  and nature keeps your personal  identity confident and certain.  By balancing grace on both sides,  we have given life to a wholeness unseen before.

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Parpa is simultaneously  filled with unbreakable energy  and completely all the while  relaxed in meditation.  How to think about great processes  while remaining attentive to detail.  Imagine the perfect scenario:  With Parpa, a storm off the coast  of Scotland in the simultaneous setting  with the lavender fields of Grasse.

The main concepts of both  sides have been maintained,  and, as a result, have delivered  a new and unique image  from them.  Integrity and balance  in your bedroom, your dream, your energy.

Integrity and balance in your bedroom, your dream, your energy.

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About Us.

Parpa was founded in Italy  in 2017 and is a Direct-to-Consumer organization.  This means that there are no intermediaries  between us and our clients.  This approach to our business  allows us to create a higher  quality of product and service,  as well as provide better  service per unit of cost.

We care about the environment.

Parpa’s quality is a reflection  of an ideology focused on a balanced ecosystem  in which people enjoy the slightest touch,  while simultaneously reverently  replenishing Earth's resources.  We take on the mission of balancing  and working to reduce our carbon footprint so that  our heirs also have a sleep-worthy experience.

Our facilities  are equipped with 7,000  square meters of solar panels  yielding an  annual  output of 1,003,875 kW. 
Logistics have also been  optimized with the objective of  reducing our carbon footprint.
Parpa is an active member of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This alliance is intended to emphasize the importance of the Russian market  for the brand and is a symbol of friendship between the two countries.
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“Home has  always been a special  place for Italians. We are  in awe of our surroundings,  including home textiles.  I am very glad that  our traditions  continue to live on and are  passed on in modern reading."

Vincenzo Trani

President of IRCCI