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The Fabric of Life

Our daily experiences — our choices and our chances, the expected and the unforeseen — all come together to weave the fabric of our lives.

The Parpa Difference: Luxury linens you can shop for from the comfort of your home

Bedrooms with a point of view:
We design with the client in mind
At Parpa we add warmth and comfort to your home by surrounding you with the exquisite quality our luxurious bedding affords. Our collections speak to those who desire sophisticated bedding with simple, yet innovative design. As your partners in elegance, your bedroom will reflect your penchant for quality and style. The aesthetic we share, combined with our insistence on the highest level of support and service for you, our valued clients, will guarantee the kind of experience you would expect from the purveyor of luxury goods.

Join us for a blissful Parpa experience, which means every night you’ll be enveloped in exquisite bedding in with design elements you chose yourself.

Parpa: Linens on a journey of their own
Before they reach your home, our beautiful linens have quite the journey — one that begins with fine Egyptian cotton. When the cotton is picked, packed, and shipped to London, our team of talented textile designers create and innovate. They combine a Byzantine tradition with modern design to create bedding that exceeds your vision for your bedroom. Once the designs are approved, final production takes place Lombardy and Tuscany, two provinces of Italy known for their expert craftsmanship. Once you have Parpa in your life and your home, we’re confident that you’ll become part of our Parpa family for generations

sand and water

We use premium cotton from Egypt

All Parpa cotton is grown in a unique area of Egypt at the intersection of Sahara Desert, Mediterranean Sea and the Nile River


This rare microclimate allows cotton to grow in a unique environment that produces long, thin fibers, when harvested, this unique crop is spun into linens that offer the softest, silkiest, most seamless texture available in the world. Egyptian Cotton is by far the most sought-after cotton weave in the world.

No matter your style, every bedding collection is made of the highest grade premium Egyptian cotton.


Only the highest quality long-staple cotton, Giza-86, Giza-90 and Giza-95 are used to create our bedding. Our premium line, “Giza” is created solely from the rarest and most exclusive, varieties of Giza-45 Egyptian cotton for the premium model "Giza".

Quality long staple
Egyptian cotton material

Each Parpa thread has unparalleled tactile sensation. When you run a thread between your fingers you will feel its soft, silky, seamless texture. Multiply by thousands and you can imagine that luxurious feel that awaits. Quality is the first word that comes to mind.
With careful care, our hypoallergenic and eco-friendly sheets, pillowcases, shams, duvet covers – in fact our entire collection—will offer comfort and elegance for many years to come. Parpa linens can be passed down from generation to generation, maintaining a family value of quality, beauty, and luxury
All Parpa linens are Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic and certified by the EU STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Our soft Egyptian cotton breathes and is enjoyed by people with allergies and sensitive skin. Our high standards of quality, comfort and sustainability make for a restful night’s sleep for those who may find sleeping through the night a challenge.

In tune with nature — In perfect harmony with the world of slumber — Relax and enjoy every second of your sleep.


We produce in Lombardy and Tuscany

The Northern region of Italy is known for its elegant design, quality materials and attention to detail. The interest and insistence on quality by the people of the region results in a level of luxury and excellence that is known throughout the world. We combine modern production methods with traditional luxury for a unique experience.

Italy’s penchant for producing some of the finest goods in the world is what maintains the culture of locally inspired, hand-crafted textiles. Mass produced linens can’t match the work of our local artisans whose techniques have been perfected and passed down for six generations. The artistry of these talented craftsmen and women has surprised and delighted even the most discerning customers who find that Parpa sheet sets match their vision for their home décor.

All of collections undergo quality control that meet the highest of standards established during the reign of King Victor Emmanuel II, the first King of Italy dating back to 1861.

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London Design: the epicenter of fashion forward home furnishings

With its rich history in textile design, London is known for its forward-thinking, creative concept. Our designers combine their knowledge of art history with a modern aesthetic, and an awareness of the beauty of nature to achieve a balance of organic and inorganic design.

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Inspiration is everywhere in London — in the city streets, the pristine parks, and the rolling hills of the English countryside.

This harmonic balance of art and nature finds its way into Parpa designs, that speak to your design sensibility and enhances the space in your home where comfortable, cozy sleep is your dream.

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Our designs have energy and style, yet maintain a design simplicity for a calm, meditative environment where you can reflect and recharge.

You’ll relaxed enough to picture yourself on a pristine beach in the Caribbean with turquoise waters lapping at your feet, a fragrant lavender field in the south of France or perched on a rock on the coast of Scotland – stormy weather surrounding you, inviting you to think about nature and dream about your own plans and future.

Energy and Balance: The perfect Parpa combination for the bedroom of your dreams.

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About Us

Parpa was founded in Italy in 2018 to fill a specific niche — a desire for luxury Italian linens at a price people with taste, style and a penchant for quality could afford. We knew if we worked hard and smart, and invited talented designers and craftspeople to join our team, we could offer beauty, comfort and the benefits of modern, exquisite design to all those who share our aesthetic for quality, comfortable, inspiring home furnishings.

We care about the environment

At Parpa, everything we create, and how we manufacture our lines reflects our respect for a balanced ecosystem. Without the rare, soft and beautiful Egyptian cotton threads gathered from the earth, we couldn’t create the luxury experience our clients enjoy. Parpa is committed to reducing our carbon footprint so that future generations will sleep well at night, knowing that we care about preserving the resources that allow us to create an exceptional sleep experience:

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with 7,000 square meters of solar panels yielding an annual output of 1,003,875 kW.
Logistics have also been  optimized with the objective of  reducing our carbon footprint.
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“Home has always been a special place for Italians. We are in awe of the beauty of our physical surroundings, our history of artistry and our emphasis on creating an elegant environment — one that’s about affordable luxury and quality. That includes home textiles. I’m more than pleased that our love of beauty, comfort and style is a love shared by you."

Vincenzo Trani

President of IRCCI