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Geometric Geometric

Sometimes you just want order. Geometric features long-staple cotton sateen that sets the mood for an organized, elegant bedding experience. A white-white ornamental border surrounds a deep grey field for a depth of color that complements your bedroom furnishings and finishes. Shop now

Perfection is in the details, and every design decision counts. None could be more spot on than our Colored Frame duvet cover with a doe gray border of perfect width, outlining a field of soft white sateen. It all comes together to make your bed the luxurious focal point of the room. Matching pillowcases, shams, flat and fitted sheets complete the set. Shop now

As we travel through life, we have choices at the crossroads—left, right, straight ahead, but the lure of eventually sleeping in our own bed is irresistible. Whatever twists and turns you encounter, this labyrinth design will get you there. Yarn-dyed cotton, 600 TC, textured jacquard. Shop now

Linked forever to comfort and style, a detailed repeating chain design on pillowcases and duvet cover keeps you connected to clean, modern design. A light sheen offers a subtle, yet noticeably silky look. Oriental Chains, like all Parpa sets, is made of woven long-staple cotton for a luxury look and feel. Shop now

Shop now
Постельное белье из Италии Итальянское постельное белье Итальянское постельное белье Постельное белье из Италии
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Join us in the dream world of luxury Italian linens, made more attainable through exceptional design and a commitment to affordability

Итальянское постельное от производителя
About Parpa

The making of comfort

The bedroom is the heart of the home — a place where your true personality is revealed. The bed chosen and the bedding that envelops it says a lot about us. It reveals how we prefer to rest and relax, and the environment we create for the rejuvenating effects of sleep.

All our sheet sets, pillowcases and duvet covers are made from the highest quality extra long staple cotton. Our visionary designers create patterns that appeal to clients with the highest standards and dreams for the bedding they plan to enjoy as well as the comfort they’re looking to provide for their families and guests.

Дизайн итальянского постельного белья

The way the truth is

Дизайн постельного белья из Италии Parpa

You have a vision for your bedroom, and at Parpa we’re committed to aligning our aesthetic to yours. The worlds of nature, patterns, order, creativity, history and beauty are rich sources for our Parpa designers.

Дизайн постельного белья из Италии Parpa

Choices and Change

Our designers listen to our customers goals and preferences and then use their expertise to design sheet sets that exceed our customers’ dreams. Each design is unique and sheet sets can be changed up to fit your vibe for the day.

итальянское постельное белье Parpa

Life-Changing, Life Affirming Parpa

There are certain rooms of the house that have their own tone and tempo, and the bedroom is one of them. These cherished living areas nourish family, make memories with friends and give people a chance to relax and recharge. Having Parpa as your partner in the quest to create the perfect sleep-space is one way to enrich your home life and the third of your life you spend in deep sleep. If you have a vision for your bedroom, we have a Parpa design plan to help your dream come true.

Parpa – премиальное постельное белье из Италии

Material pleasure

Parpa – премиальное постельное белье из Италии

The Parpa experience starts on the banks of the Nile River where among crystal clear skies and mountain peaks the climate is perfect to grow Egyptian cotton from Gossypium barbadense, a plant that is the source of extra-long staple cotton. Its fibers are 40% longer than regular cotton, which contributes to its ultra-soft, smooth feel. Once you experience Egyptian cotton’s look and feel, you’ll never go back to anything less.

Преимущества тканей постельного белья Parpa

Giza 45- The Gold Standard

Enjoy the world’s most desired cotton from the Parpa haute collection. Giza 45 is harvested on the east bank of Egypt’s Nile River where temperature and humidity are perfect for growing cotton that is unmatched in quality. Giza 45 is harvested by hand to ensure delicate treatment and avoid any damage. The result is a look and feel that is unforgettable and a must-have for those who have a penchant for smooth, silky comfort.


Our Giza 45 – The Facts of the Feel

Our fibers are twice as long as ordinary cotton


1 mcm yarn thickness

30% thinner than other long staple cottons


Exceedingly rare

Our cotton comprises of less than 0.4% of all harvested Egyptian cotton


Premium texture

Highest fiber uniformity index at 89.1%


A balanced appreciation for aesthetics along with ambient satisfaction promoting the need for inner silence

Here to stay is the newly added PARPA bed linen to the Tatler’s heroes shopping list

Be sure of your linens aesthetic appeal

The Parpa Promise:

Quality, Beauty, Comfort, Service

Quality and beauty in every stich
Classically trained designers with a keen eye for current trends

Italian manufacturing in Lombardy and Toscana, world’s best region for fabric processing and manufacturing
Confidence in our long-standing reputation as experts in long-staple cotton production.

Manufacturing certification upon request
Reliable, dedicated customer service. Customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations is the Parpa way

Оформление заказа в магазине Parpa

Service that meets all the demands

Your comfort and satisfaction is our primary concern. Every customer is assigned a highly qualified personal manager who has a deep knowledge of our collections and is responsible for learning about your style, taste, and décor dreams for your home. Our unique brand of personal service with make Parpa a name and a lifestyle that will become part of your family for generations.


 Постельное белье Parpa


 Текстиль Parpa Mono

Parpa Mono

 Пледы и покрывала Parpa


Текстиль для ванной Parpa

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